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The Fuzzy Metrics, how happy are your patients? I spoke to one dentist who had 25 new clients every month for 20 years, and at that 20 year mark he ran out of clients. Why did this happen? Well, he saw everyone in town, and no one wanted to come back to him.

So, what is a way to actually measure what is going on within your client base? What can we look at to really gauge how happy our client base is, and how can we up the happiness level?

John has over 25 Years of leadership, business, people development & entrepreneurial experience. He thrives on coaching people how to build the bridges that will take them from the “here and now” to “a successful tomorrow”.

He is currently the CEO & Founder of Digital HCX which is a Software as a Service (SAAS) company that provides innovative Digital Tools & Services for Healthcare Professionals. He is currently running and managing:

CE Exchange Dental-Continuing Education

HCXMedia Dental-Media

HCXTools Dental-Practice Tools

There are 3 divisions of Digital HCX that focus primarily in the Dental space serving the needs of Dental Professionals.