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The 12 Absolutely Essential Tools of Participation Age Dentistry

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Are you content being a hostage to your practice, making every decision and have the weight of the world on your shoulders every day? Or do you want to build a great practice that runs well and makes money when you are not there?

These twelve tools will rehumanize your workplace and give everyone their brain back, when you didn’t even realize their brains had been taken away from them. Building these twelve tools into the way you develop your team is crucial to you getting off the treadmill, and even more important for them to experience Making Meaning, not just money.

Do you want full-on adults at work, Stakeholders instead of just employees, who take responsibility for their actions, make great decisions, and stay with you for the long haul?

Each tool builds on the one before it. Solid, written values, vision and mission statements that you use regularly and proactively every day to run the practice is the start. But in order to rehumanize the workplace, we have to develop an entirely different set of leadership tools that help everyone be a leader, create localized decision-making, teams released to take action; specifically, tools that create self-managed, self-motivated adults in every position in our practice.

The 12 Tools of Participation Age Dentistry are designed to create horizontal interdependence among team members and dismantle the unhealthy, codependent top-down, bottom-up parenting that comes with management. Your people are adults, are smart and motivated, and want desperately to help build a great practice, not for you, but with you. Build in the 12 Tools of Participation Age Dentistry and watch the lights come on across your practice in every team member. It’s the most rewarding thing you’ll do this year!