Should associates have actual ownership? Let’s start there. I think before you even go there, whether they should or shouldn’t, I think you’ve got to question, what’s the motive? Why do I want to give up equity in my business/practice? What am I getting in exchange for that? So by giving up equity in my business, I’m diluting my own position.  I think a lot of times, doctors who have associates are bringing equity to the table because they believe that their associate is going to leave them and compete with them, and that their desire is to own something.

Eric is currently the director of Business Development for North American Dental Group, a Group practice that has amassed just under 200 practices in its short 10 years of existence.  In this role, he is responsible for the acquisition growth for the company, as well as doctor retention and doctor/partner business development.  In his prior role at Henry Schein Dental, Eric created the business solutions department for the company inclusive of Business Education, Business Services, and Business Consulting.  He is frequently on stage speaking for study clubs, associations and large conventions and has authored several periodical articles about the business of dentistry featured in DE, Sidekick, Trainer Magazine, and Forbes.