Well, today we’re going to dive into my favorite subject, school. No business of dentistry in dental school. We don’t teach the business of dentistry in dental school. And I think that’s ironic. There’s a lot of things that we do in school that that is not helpful to us.

I think it starts with focusing on the business. Once you get out, if you’re a good dentist, people are going to find you. But more time needs to be spent on the business side of the practice…, like more strategic planning, etc.  Quit trying to focus so much on taking care of patients, focus on the business and how to get more time for yourself.  If you can find a healthier lifestyle, I promise you your practice is going to run so much smoother.

Dr. Lawrence was raised in Enid, Oklahoma and graduated from the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry.  He’s been in practice since 2016 and enjoys traveling with his wife and two black labs to Colorado and Grand Lake.