Expand your office hours and provide real-time help to your patients with a professional and HIPAA trained customer service team.

Show patients when they’re coming to your website that they are significant, that they matter that their concerns matter, that their fears that they feel are silly and embarrassing, are understood by the practice.  Give the opportunity for chat with a company who wants to work on your behalf and not just do the boxing or the outsourcing thing where there’s very little information known, shared and gained. And what we really want to do is be treated like part of the anonymous team. We get to know that practice and really understand and dial down on what the patient needs. We make them feel welcome and cared for.

Beth Bogan

Owner, Ace Chat

Denver, CO

Beth and her sister Joanne co-founded Ace Chat – and believe in creating relationships that offer patients the opportunity to receive the care they need, deserve, and desire – all through online chat.  Since 2011, they have relied on their combined and extensive customer service backgrounds to create a customized chat for dental practices.  Patients can ask questions in real-time and receive answers from the experienced Ace Chat team – all of whom are located here in the US and trained in the dental industry.