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Differentiating Yourself as a Doctor Through Instagram with Dr. Joyce Kahng

February 13, 2020

Social Media is not something that is taught in Dental School. Differentiating yourself as a doctor through Instagram can do wonders for your practice and we are lucky enough to talk with Dr. Joyce Kahng about the do’s and don’ts when using Instagram for your practice.

Dr. Joyce Kahng is a cosmetic dentist practicing in Costa Mesa, California and an Assistant Clinical Professor at USC Dental School. She differentiates her practice by being active on Instagram as @joycethedentist and also by utilizing Smile Virtual to help patients build confident smiles.   She was recently named one of America’s top 40 dentists under 40: “The best, most innovative, and most interesting young dentists in America.”

How to Make More Money in Less Time and Get Off the Treadmill with Dr. Anissa Holmes

January 31, 2020

The idea of making more money in less time is not something you were taught in dental school. What if it were possible? What if you could make MORE money in LESS time? It is very possible, and we are here today to talk about how to get off the treadmill, and how you can more more money in less time.

Dr. Anissa Holmes, a Dentist, Business Acceleration Coach, Social Media Strategist, and Best Selling Author is a leader in the dental industry. Dr. Holmes has coached and advised coaches, million dollar practice owners, and startup practices. Based on her massive success, Dr. Holmes has been featured in top dental publications, such as Dental Economics, Dentistry IQ, and Dental Products Report, and has been featured as one of the top 25 Women in Dentistry. Dr. Holmes has also been featured in the TOP selling business books The 30-Day Book and Rise of the Youpreneur.

Focus on People: 3 Reasons Why This is the Key to a Successful Business w/ Pat Rigsby

January 28, 2020

Focusing on people in and around your business is key to being successful. Pat Rigsby is with us today to discuss 3 different reasons why focusing on people is key to success in your business, and what you can do to make the people around you feel valued, important, and cared for. 

Pat Rigsby is a dad, husband, business coach, entrepreneur & author. He’s built over 25 different businesses, including 2 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 award winning franchises. Today he coaches entrepreneurs to create their Ideal Business, one that allows them to earn more, have a greater impact, and enjoy more freedom to live the lives of their dreams. He’s here today to share his insight with you to help you build the business of your dreams.

Successful Strategies for Vertical Growth in Your Real Estate Portfolio with Gary Wilson

January 24, 2020

Today we’re going to talk with Gary Wilson about successful strategies for vertical growth in your real estate portfolio.Are you interested in the idea that real estate would be one way to safeguard yourself by spreading out your assets to different industries other than just the profession of dentistry? Are you interested in the idea of real estate or you’re already involved in it? Tune in as we talk about successful strategies for that growth in your real estate portfolio!

Gary Wilson is an expert in the world of real estate investing. He isn’t about teaching risky real estate loopholes and tricks.  And he isn’t about selling a dream that is mostly fluff.  Gary is dedicated to serving dentists and other medical professionals who want to pull money out of their practices and paychecks and invest it in a way that brings them true wealth.  He has been featured in over 100 media outlets including CBS, FOX News, NBC, ABC, and Business Week.

Gary is also the host of the Real Estate Investing for Professional Men and Women Podcast.

How to Get Off the Drill Fill and PPO Mill with Gary Kadi

January 21, 2020

Today we have the pleasure of having Gary Kadi on the show, talking about many points on how to get off the drill fill and PPO mill. You won’t want to miss it!

In addition to being CEO of NextLevel Practice; Gary is a best-selling author, dental industry advocate and a personal advisor to many of the top dentists in the country. Gary’s firm, NextLevel Practice, has been on the forefront of dental practice management for over 20 years. With more than 1B of increased sales, a mission of 30MM people healthier by 2020 and a 9.8 out of 10 speaker rating; Gary Kadi is in the business of improving lives! Gary’s goal is to provide financial security, professional respect and create a deep sense of satisfaction within their practice and personal lives.

Fraud in Your Dental Practice: How to Reduce Your Risk and Losses with Doug Fettig

January 16, 2020

We’ve all heard terrifying stories about fraud. Something like 87% of all dental practices will at some point in their history get ripped off by their bookkeeper or somebody internally. How can you reduce your risk and losses? Doug Fettig is with us today to give great insight about fraud in your dental practice.

Doug Fettig is a CPA who has spoken at numerous dental seminars, academies, study groups, and vendor forums around the country and is known for his energetic, engaging, and entertaining speaking style. His insight allows him to effectively communicate business, management, and leadership concepts. As a dental business advisor, he is adept at collaborating with dental practices to help dentists grow their practices and increase their profitability.

3 Ways to Get Cash for Your Small Business (and Why They’re Not All Ideal) with Adam Lean

January 14, 2020

Today we’re talking to Adam Lean about three ways to get cash for your practice and why they may not all be ideal.  Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business. You can have profits and not have cash flow and go out of business. Half of all businesses fail because they run out of cash flow. 

Adam Lean is the founder of the CFO Project. Adam became an accountant immediately after college, but quickly realized accounting was NOT his calling. He left the 9-5 world to launch and eCommerce company, but after a few years, something felt off. Sales were up, the business was growing, but the numbers in his bank account just didn’t tell the same story. Even as an accountant, Adam was frustrated by the financials, leaving him completely overwhelmed as a business owner. He set out to learn exactly what business owners should be focusing on, and eventually founded the CFO Project. Today he helps small business owners determine what is and isn’t working in their businesses, by guiding them through a proven system to ensure their business is financially solid and more profitable- without the emotional overwhelm.

Is Commercial Real Estate Ownership for you? with Stephen Strecker and Jeremy Keck

January 7, 2020

Today we’re talking with Stephen Strecker and Jeremy Keck about commercial real estate ownership for dentists. Is commercial real estate ownership right for you? Why would it be right? Why would it be wrong?

Stephen Strecker is the President of Tower Realty Partners. Working in the healthcare real estate industry for the last several years, Stephen has worked with hundreds of healthcare professionals. From startups to relocations, and expansions to additional offices, Stephen ensures the lease or purchase is set up correctly and believes this is the foundation for successful practices.

As the CEO of Tower, Jeremy Keck brings 20 years of finance and real estate experience. He has held numerous sales, leadership, and executive team roles with Bank of America, Carr Healthcare Realty, and LendingClub.

Family Office Insights with Tim McNeely

January 2, 2020

Today we are talking with Tim McNeely on Family Office Insights and the idea of how to become a sophisticated advanced family office with great wealth strategies. And, how they’re using their family offices to grow and protect that wealth.

Tim is CEO of The LifeStone Companies and he knows dentists. Tim is a recognized thought leader in the dental industry, a regular speaker for dental societies, and a contributing author for popular dental publications. He was asked to contribute the forward to a special edition of: “Becoming Seriously Wealthy: How to Harness the Strategies of The Super Rich and Ultra Wealth Business Owners.”

Resolve to Never Make Another New Years Resolution

December 27, 2019

The Best New Year’s resolution is to never make another one. They rarely work and tying them to the New Year ensures they never will. So let’s talk about that. One researcher says 88% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Why is that? Tune in today while we dive into the importance of never making another New Years Resolution again. 

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